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Senior User Experience Architect

I have 18 years of experience in creating superior user experiences and intuitive interactions. Most of my days are spent crafting research-based solutions to user needs, while balancing stakeholder requirements and technical constraints.

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Journey mapping workshops, UX & UI design, high fidelity comps, user flows, AB testing

World explorers always placed Hilton at the last leg of their purchase journey; dream of a place to go, book a flight, and finally book a hotel. What if we could partner with them through the entire trip?

I worked with stakeholders, UX researchers, analytics, A11Y / ADA, AI and SEO pros to organically place Hilton in the path of "Dreamers" looking for inspiration for their next destination and on the way forged a relationship between Hilton and travelers that was undeniable.



E-Commerce, whiteboarding, UX research, data & analytics, wireframes, AB testing, UI design

During the Covid quarantine, demand for arts and crafts materials EXPLODED, giving Michaels an unprecedented year in terms of profit and web traffic. Suddenly, people who had never picked up a brush in their life were clamoring for paint sets. Children bored at home needed art activities, and their parents needed them immediately.

This new generation of crafters came with an entirely new set of expectations in terms of site functionality, product organization and content. 


CBRE 360

Native mobile app, product design, surveys, market research, mobile flows & UI design

Problem: Nike approached CBRE with the challenge of making their 286 acre and 75+ building corporate campus more friendly and accessible to the workers who make their daily life there. My task was to launch a study into the feasibility of food delivery and catering within the CBRE 360 app.

Solution: The intriguing aspect of UX is our ability to validate or disprove a hypothesis - especially when the answer is not something we expect to hear. After several rounds of user surveys, card sorting exercises, and user interviews, along with logistic and competitive research, I found that workers needs were not best served by a food delivery feature. Workers enjoyed getting away from their desks and getting away from the office, even if it is just to get out in the fresh air for a minute. this freed CBRE to focus on more valuable features, such as worker hangout hotspots and impromptu events.

CBRE 360 app testing wires


Enterprise design, in-person user interviews & whiteboarding sessions, native iOS & Android UI, wireframes, flows, high-fidelity comps

Freelance nurses tend to take jobs on an as-needed, a-la-carte, basis. However, nursing agencies often require contracts and minimum mandatory hours, while only offering patchy availability of ready work in return.

I worked with nurses, stakeholders, engineers, and agencies to create a whole new way for nurses to connect with the jobs they want: as many as they want, when they want, and wherever they want.

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Service design, enterprise design, experiential design

Kibo brought on a huge infusion of new sales talent to gear up for the 2017 sales season. Our challenge was to find a way to educate these new salespeople – fast – so that they could navigate the pitfalls and advantages of selling a complex order management system.

After research and user consultation, I found that Kibo salespeople needed easy product packages to then sell and customize as needed. They also had problems grappling with some of the deeply technical steps in our processes. So – I decided to break our flows down based upon product combo packages and keep them at a higher level, so that, if need be, sales professionals could show these flows to clients as well as keep them for internal training.

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order management user flows UX
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From workflows and wireframes to single page applications and native mobile apps, I have the experience and empathy to put your user into the driver seat. Invite me to your next scrum, and we'll make things happen.


Bank of America
July 2023 - Current

Managing a team of UX professionals to create a superior enterprise banking tool for our Legal departments across USA, EMEA and APAC regions.

Owning the end-to-end UX quality standards and implementation for my portfolio at the Bank, including supervising overall design best practices amongst junior designers, implementing research programs, and coordinating between product, engineering and UX strategy teams. 


I created a digital self-service onboarding solution never before seen in mobile fuel delivery and energy logistics, while acting as the voice of the user within a nimble startup environment; introducing data-driven, user tested and validated design thinking.


August 2022 - May 2023



September 2020 - August 2022

Michaels saw unprecedented growth during the Covid-19 epidemic. Users faced with quarantines and uncertainty turned to artistic self expression, catharsis and the joy of creation. 

I empower users to create art by connecting them with the supplies they need; introducing data-driven, user tested and validated design thinking while evangelizing the UX "brand" across Michaels as a company. By listening to the voice of the user, I have researched, designed and tested over 25 new UX/UI updates; bringing up to a 13% increase in conversion.


June 2018 - June 2020

Booking a hotel room at Hilton is the last step on a customer's path to purchase when creating the perfect vacation – but what if Hilton could become an inspiration to users at the beginning of that journey? My UX work on the Dreaming project revolves around how our user builds the bucket-list vacation of a lifetime. How might we establish Hilton not only as a source of travel knowledge, but destination inspiration? How does Hilton build that emotional bond with the user? What hurdles are in our way?

Financially, Dreaming exceeded expectations - finishing Q1 with 2.1 mil, 7 million of total revenue made in the second quarter. It took us 88 days from production launch to hit the $1M mark, and only 19 days from that milestone to double our revenue!


March 2018 - May 2018

At CBRE, I launched exploration for CBRE 360; an app designed to put control of the office environment into the user's hands. Balancing the needs of multiple personas – from office workers to building superintendents to multinational corporations, I conducted user research interviews, surveys, wireframing, built mobile design libraries, and created high fidelity interactive mockups in Invision; all to answer the question "How might we digitally empower the office campus to make workers' daily life better?"

CBRE 360 has been featured in the New York Times, as well as


Kibo Commerce
January 2017 - January 2018

At Kibo, I strove to build the most flexible, intuitive, e-commerce CMS platform - a platform that is still loved by over a thousand household name companies. I worked to reconnect Kibo with their customers end-to-end holistically, speaking with users to determine where they felt pain in the customer journey and then coordinating internal teams to alleviate that pain - be it user interfaces, roadmap features, or internal support processes.


January 2015 - January 2017

At Axxess, I led a team of six UX/UI designers set on crafting the market standard single page application in home health medical software. I also led an ultra lean agile team of eight engineers in creating a "first of its kind" gig based job app for nurses - leading initial research and feasibility studies before merging into the UX and then UI work needed to get the app off the ground and into beta. In our “garage start up within a company,” this often included taking over QA scheduling and coordination, development issues, and ceo / stakeholder requests in addition to my usual user interviews, market research, ideation and wireframing. 

A seasoned multitasker, I have worked on up to six projects at a time, including native ios and android apps, SPA enterprise software applications, support and marketing sites. I presented pitches for new applications and ideas to both external clients and high-level internal stakeholders, while maintaining reasonable expectations and sprint cycle deadlines.

I've worked with other corporations such as Sheplers, Gamestop, Rent-A-Center,
Wendy's and Dave and Buster's.

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